A man made of bronze sits in the dark. He has a skull for a face and he carries an automatic rifle slung over his shoulder and across his back (Special Operations). He sits not on a chair, but on a seemingly infinite pile of old leather-bound books with fading brownish-yellow pages (The Great Books). He appears to be deeply engrossed in his thoughts, supporting his bony chin with one hand just like Rodin’s “The Thinker” (Philosophy). Books are not only piled underneath him, but they float all around while flaming words, numbers and diagrams flow from the pages into the man’s head and his eyes glow red with the awe-inspiring thoughts he amasses (The Art of Memory). His dark bronze skin begins to peel off, revealing its golden core underneath which finally shines through (The fostering of character).

                                                                   – A mnemonic for the Mnemoriam

This is where I end and the Mnemoriam begins.